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Our pursuit for fabulous personalized gifts led us, ironically, to a purse…and thank goodness it did! Gina Alexander designer photo handbags are gorgeous tributes to the angel (or angels!) in your life. Choose your favorite photo, a purse style (Gina Alexander offers everything from cosmetic bags to oversized handbags), and place your order. Professionally designed, each bag is handmade from scratch in Hollywood, California and will arrive at your door in 4-6 weeks. Be sure to clutch onto this personalized gift!




Soul Satisfaction


Another individual trying to make the world a better place is Gina Alexander. After facing down some heart-wrenching personal experiences, she decided to become proactive and create a positive result by aligning herself with the amazing international charity HOPE for Children worldwide. Her successful endeavor combines funding from her established handbag and accessories business–Gina Alexander Inc. based in Burbank, California–with fund-raising events in order to sponsor an orphanage for 50 children in the Philippines, children who all have been the victims of sexual abuse.

"I went to a village in Manila last March to visit the children in the orphanage and it gave me a whole new perspective," says Gina. "The trip gave me the big picture to understand the program and what needed to happen." Gina has volunteered with HOPE worldwide for over 16 years, but it was not until this year that she took it to a new level. After experience a life threatening ectopic pregnancy six years ago, Gina and her husband Richard began the arduous journey through a thwarted attempt at adoption and failed in-vitro fertilization and surrogacy. "I always assumed I would have lots of children, I come from a huge family," explains Gina. "I never thought it would be an issue."

When the couple decided to adopt they chose the HOPE for Children organization, based in Georgia. In order to raise money for their first attempt Gina, who has years of experience in the fashion industry, started her own business designing and manufacturing a line of handbags that cater to the personal side; she made customized purses and accessories featuring unique photos or designs. The venture proved profitable and allowed them the ability to navigate through the adoption process. They now have a lovely daughter Katelyn who is four years old; they successfully adopted her in 2002.

"We are so grateful to have her in our lives," says Gina. "But the adoption system is not easy and can be very expensive. Especially if you try to adopt out of the country, the drama of all the lawyers needed makes it very difficult. That is why I want to help make the process easier. My goal is to help kids get adopted, one bag at a time!" By supporting the orphanage in the Philippines Gina is doing just that. She has received wonderful and enthusiastic assistance from loyal customers, family and friends. Her recent celebrity fund-raiser garnered over $148,000 and proceeds from every handbag purchased go directly to the orphanage.
"This is a win-win situation," Gina says. "The kids are wonderful! I now have 50 children writing me letters. It really is about helping people." To help support Gina's project please visit
Both of these humanitarian ventures exist because an individual identified a need and decided to take action. The momentum from the initial act of "What can I do to help?" continues to grow and flourish because of true intention. One step, one pair of shoes or one handbag at a time–everything helps.



My Mom Shops

My Mom Shops

I don't say this about many products, but the photo handbag I received from Gina Alexander is turning heads. Everyone- and I mean everyone- is asking me where I got this gorgeous bag. A favorite with the celeb crowd, Gina Alexander bags are a far cry from the shabby photo tote you ordered for Grandma last Mother's Day. These high-end handbags are made entirely from scratch. Everything from the leather handles and bottoms to the inner lining and sturdy zippered pockets- are made by skilled sewers. This bag is quite frankly higher quality than my other handbags AND it features a gorgeous, vivid, high-resolution photo of R. and S. to boot. Doesn't get better than that. These gems will cost you a bit (a classic tote costs $200), but when it comes to combining fashion and your adorable kids, why skimp? Browse around all the great handbag choices at Gina Alexander.



The lipstick life

Awesome Alert

By Jaymi

It seems that everyone shops at the same places these days. The other day I bought the greatest little purple halter top. I thought it was so unique, that is until a week later I saw the exact same top in three, (yes THREE), stores in the mall. This drives me crazy.
I like to be unique. I can’t stand when I go and spend two hours getting all purdied up only to realize that I am wearing the exact same top (or shoes, or purse, or perfume) as the girl sitting across from me.
That’s why I LOVE Gina Alexander. She makes gorgeous custom photo purses. You can have a hand in every part of the design from the style to the picture, even the lining can be customized, so your bag will practically scream your name.
A picture-of a lover, a friend, a child, a pet, your husband, wife, mother or father. An image of the whole family, or somebody who is gone but not forgotten. A reunion, anniversary, birthday, a great moment at the office! These fond portraits are the hallmark of handbags and accessories by GINA ALEXANDER.

I ordered the classic small bamboo handbag (Beyonce has the same one.), with a picture of my (gorgeous) niece and nephew on it. It turned out amazing. The quality of the picture is so high, it almost seems like the purse is made of photo paper, but don’t worry its very durable. People have actually stopped me on the street to ask where I got it.
You can feel good about splurging, as a portion of every handbag sold goes to the charity Hope For Children, which is committed to assisting families interested in adoption without the financial means to accomplish it. She is also and active member on the board of the philanthropy.
There is such a great selection, that you can find the perfect purse for anyone and everyone. From small cosmetic bags to huge totes, and everything in between. So why carry your precious photos around inside of your purse where no one can see them?



Mommies with style

Precious PURSE-analities

We all want our handbags to be functional, but Gina Alexander takes it a step further by putting the FUN into FUNctional! I just received one of her photo handbags and it is the most incredible handbag I have ever seen. It is gorgeous! I have already received so many compliments on it!
A picture of your child(ren), grandchild(ren), a friend, your family, your significant other, your mother, a pet, vacation...these are what Gina Alexander handbags and accessories are all about. Her line of handbags and accessories, allows the customer to design their own unique piece with images of the people, places, and things they love! It's all about capturing memories! Seeing a picture of my girls on my new bag made my heart melt.

Just three simple steps is all it takes to design your Gina Alexander bag. The first step is choosing the picture. This is the only hard part. I know I had a hard time deciding which photo to use. The second step is choosing which bag shape you would like your photo on. They have many great collections (for ladies and men) to choose from. My handbag is from the Fairfax Collection and I LOVE it! The last step is to place your order online with a digital photo or mail your photo and order in. Custom orders do take 4-6 weeks, so order now!
Each bag is custom made (from start to finish) in Hollywood, California, of the finest materials. Your image is printed on the fabric and this fabric is then handmade into your individual bag. Gina Alexander bags not only have the wonderful design and craftsmanship of a fine designer bag, but they showcase your favorite photo(s) making the bag a sentimental favorite.
Gina Alexander has created photo bags for many celebrities, including: Oprah, Faith Hill, Kelly Ripa, The Black-Eyed Peas, Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez, Ashanti, Alicia Keys, Usher, Elizabeth Taylor, Queen Latifah, and more.

Gina Alexander donates annually a portion of every handbag sold to the charity HOPE FOR CHILDREN , committed to assisting families interested in adoption without the financial means to accomplish it.
Gift Certificates are also available and would make a wonderful gift. Gift Certificates come enclosed in an envelope with Gina Alexander pink bow and then tucked into a gift box with pink bow. Imagine carrying a bag with a photo of your loved one on it! Gina Alexander Photo Bags make a great gift for moms and grandmas who love a handbag with style, but also one that is unique and special.
These bags not only store your valuables inside, but also feature your greatest treasures on the outside - memories of loved ones, captured in pictures! Ladies get this one on your Christmas list'll LOVE it!



The Washington Times

A Trendy Party is in the Bag

By Kristina Henderson 

All-female parties in living rooms across the country are going back to the 1950s - with purses rather than Tupperware. The practical plastic containers have been replaced by the glamorous accessory no true lady of fashion can be seen without: fancy bags, either created by up-and-coming design companies like Posh Purses and A Sow's Ear, or illegal knockoffs of classic designs made by runway bigwigs like Prada, Gucci and purse maven Kate Spade.

"The concept is catching like wildfire," says young California-based designer Stephanie Sherwood, 35, of A Sow's Ear. "Purse parties are an opportunity for all types of women and their children to get together in a social setting and shop." Around Christmastime, a post on the popular online classified ad site read: "Host a purse party. All the styles, Kate Spade ... Tod's, Burberry," referring to counterfeits of the popular designer products. For a woman whose desire for a one-of-a-kind handmade bag or a designer purse is bigger than her wallet, fake Fendis and other impostors can be the life of a purse party. Career women, housewives and even celebrities are joining the trend, inviting big groups of friends to their homes to shop, snack and chat.

"Women on the Hollywood Walk of Fame are even starting to throw purse parties," says Gina Alexander, who heads her own bag design company, Gina Alexander Inc., and has clients like Sharon Stone and Elizabeth Taylor. A successful purse-party hostess is organized. She must have knowledge about fashion trends and her guests' personal styles. Bags ranging from fakes to coveted purses crafted by little-known designers are procured in advance. Then, party details - what to serve, what kind of music to play - are determined. Once these matters are settled, the hostess typically lures her friends for a social afternoon or evening, free of high-pressure sales pitches.

Purse parties often are coupled with cocktails. They can center on a meal or a tea, or be the focus of a truly civilized bachelorette party. Some higher-end purse parties begin with fashion and end in beauty, capped off with a day at the spa. The first 20 minutes of any purse party is usually frantic, Mrs. Sherwood says, with a roomful of women going after the same purse. Some women become possessive. "There is usually a catfight between women who are set on getting the purse they have been eyeing," Mrs. Sherwood says. "But everyone usually ends up laughing, especially if they get a bit of wine in them." By party's end, the hostess can make money or earn a free bag or two. Legitimate designers usually offer the hostess a percentage of the profit or a free handbag.

How much money a hostess can rake in depends on her inventory and varies by region.
"You do have the potential to make a living," Mrs. Sherwood says. "But you have to be willing to put in some money up front." She said one party can yield around $800 to $1,500.
The concept of selling products at home gatherings came from Brownie Wise, a middle-aged single mother who sold Tupperware door to door to supplement a meager income. She figured out how to sell more plastic containers than any business school graduate dreamed possible.
Earl Tupper, a conservative New Englander who created Tupperware in 1942, was amazed by Mrs. Wise's numbers. When Mr. Tupper asked what her secret was, Mrs. Wise revealed: the Tupperware home party. Mr. Tupper pulled his entire product line from retail outlets and in 1951 made the Tupperware party the company's exclusive form of distribution.

Not all purse designers like the idea of a living room as a sales venue. For established businesses like Kate Spade and Coach, purse parties are just another way consumers end up with black-market handbags instead of the genuine articles they distribute to high-end stores. Barbara Kolsun, senior vice president and general counsel at Kate Spade, said selling counterfeit merchandise at purse parties is a form of theft. "All these ladies who think it's fun and cute are committing a crime," Ms. Kolsun said. "When we find out someone is selling counterfeits at purse parties, the first thing we do is call the police." Ms. Kolsun said one knockoff is sold for every authentic handbag sale and Kate Spade loses an estimated $70 million per year because of the counterfeit market. People who pay cash for counterfeit purses don't know where the money is going, she said.

Another naysayer is Carole Sadler, Coach's senior vice president and general counsel. Ms. Sadler suggests education as the best weapon against purse parties aimed at selling counterfeits. "I do not think housewives know what they are getting into," Ms. Sadler said. Those who want to acquire handbags for purse parties through legitimate means can turn to designers like Tori Alvarado, owner of and designer of Posh Purses. Ms. Alvarado's venture started as a quest to quit corporate America and stay at home with her newborn boy. "If I sold purses through a retail outlet, that would have required me to be there instead of at home with my son," Ms. Alvarado said. Her at-home business quickly blossomed. She eventually was able to produce a line of handmade purses boasting a mix of fabrics, flowers, feathers and beads from all over the world. Now Ms. Alvarados purses are available to women across the United States who want to throw purse parties. Anything handmade - accessories that won't be seen coming and going on other women - is usually a big draw in the fashion world, she says. "Ladies want something unique and that no one else has," Ms. Alvarado says. "It is a personality thing. You feel someone specially made it for you."

Ms. Alexander's handbags have been snapped up at celebrity purse parties thrown by stars like Christina Applegate, Minnie Driver and LeAnn Rimes. If purse parties are only a passing fad, at least they suggest a shift in women's ideas of fun: Gatherings now are devoted to decorative designer accessories rather than reusable plastic food containers. Ms. Alexander believes the trend will have a long run because the purse, a classic complement to a coordinated look, is always in demand.
"It will last because the handbag is a woman's companion," Ms. Alexander said. "Women put their whole life in there."




Finding Hope: It’s In The Bag

By Roz Makaula

Gina Alexander with a collection of her family photo handbags Gina Lopez Alexander’s handbag designs and her cause, HOPE for Children, have caught the attention of countless Hollywood celebrities.

She shares about her meeting with Elizabeth Taylor, where they sat in the actress’s home as they browsed through personal family photos.
“She’s just nostalgic, an icon,” says Alexander of Taylor, who instead of picking a photo herself for her bag, instructed Alexander to just surprise her. There’s the recent creation of a diaper bag for new parents, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck.
“They chose to use a picture of them kissing, taken when they found out she (Jennifer) was pregnant.”

And then there’s the phone calls from hip-hop and R&B artist Ashanti, Usher’s mom and others. “I get in shock every time my phone rings and it’s someone like Kobe (Bryant),” she says.
She also had an order from Arnold Schwarzenegger, who purchased a photo bag for all the women in his family.
“Can you imagine,” says Alexander, “Maria Shriver’s mom (Eunice Kennedy Shriver) carrying around one of my bags?”
When asked what types of pictures are submitted the most for bags, she answers, “Kids and pets. People just love their families.”
With more than 60 kids in her family from siblings and cousins, Alexander always assumed she would have at least four children of her own. For years Alexander and husband Richard tried to conceive. When they finally did, it wasn’t what they expected.

The family reunion photo on the bag at right led 
to Gina Alexander’s adopting a child
“I had an ectopic pregnancy,” she explains, “I almost died.”
The pregnancy loss and learning that she may never be able to carry a baby to full term made the grieving process long and difficult.
At about the same time, the Alexanders actively participated with the non-profit child placement agency HOPE for Children. “Richard and I were volunteers with no plans to adopt.” Three years after their disappointing loss, the couple decided to look into adoption. According to Alexander, the cost of adoption can be a financial strain, and explains that it costs anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000 to adopt a child.
In an effort to help alleviate some of that, the fashion-conscious Alexander decided to make handbags. The sales of her designs would help her and Richard earn enough money to complete the process. Alexander used her love of the fashion world and background in trend forecasting, merchandising and marketing to create Gina Alexander Inc.

Following a one-year intensive application process, and with her photo handbag business moving forward, the Alexanders flew to Atlanta for the birth of their newly adopted baby. Again, they would find themselves in an unexpected situation. The baby’s birth mother changed her mind and the adoption came to an abrupt halt.

Emotionally devastated and drained, the Alexanders were uncertain that they would ever become parents. Fortunately for them, someone else knew they would.
“About two months after our first attempt at adoption, we got a call from HOPE for Children,” recalls Alexander. “They said a birth mother wanted Richard and I after she saw our family reunion picture in Maui.”
The family picture was part of an album that the Alexanders put together for the child placement agency during their first adoption. Hopeful, the couple courageously began the process one more time. Their perseverance, strength and creativity would pay off. On Aug. 16, 2003, the couple became the proud parents of Katelyn Regina-Kealani Alexander.




Asian Americans making noise

Gina Alexander: Handbag designer

Gina Alexander works with celebrities, but with her quick-to-act entrepreneurial spirit and innovative idea to custom print photos on handbags, she has practically become a celebrity herself. With just a couple sketches — not even a sample — Alexander impressed the big wigs behind the Hollywood and Highland shopping/theatre/club complex in Hollywood, Calif., earning her a strategically located kiosk to sell her bags. The demand was so great that Alexander and her 15 employees quickly moved into a factory. Now you can find Alexander’s bags at Nordstrom, Saks, and numerous boutiques. Her lines for women, babies and men have even gotten into The Grammy’s, the Country Music Awards and on Oprah. Today, Alexander is involved in the international adoption agency HOPE for Children Worldwide, helping kids get adopted “one bag at a time” by donating a portion of sales to the agency.


Handbags Online

Gina Alexander 
Designer - One of a Kind Bags

Thanks to Gina Alexander's strong sense of fun, fashion and family, you never have to leave your loved ones behind again.

You can take them with you: put your honey on a handbag, your baby on a diaper bag, your kids on a tote or your pooch on a pack.

Gina's fun enterprise takes your personal photos and turns them into works of art you carry proudly everywhere you go.

Gina, a native of Hollywood, California, had been designing handbags and accessories for 10 years when she came up with the idea to make beautiful, personal, one-of-a-kind bags using her customers' personal photos.

She asked her marketing-savvy cousin, Alexander Aquino, to help get the idea off the ground. Sharing a strong work ethic and a dream, Gina and Alexander have a real success story on (and in) their hands.
Designer Gina Alexander and actress friend Victoria Rowell, share a love of shopping, fashion and great causes.

Both Gina and Victoria are dedicated to children's adoption-foster organizations. In fact, a portion of every Gina Alexander bag sold is donated to an adoption with Hope for Children, Inc. Gina and her husband, Richard, adopted their daughter, Katelyn, through Hope in 2002.

Victoria has her own foundation, The Rowell Foster Children's Organization, which joins efforts with Bruce Willis Foundation. Gina Alexander was adopted and Victoria Rowell lived in 5 different foster homes as a child.



LA Business Hournal

Celebrity appeal helps bag business for firm

Los Angeles Business Journal, by Matt Myerhoff

FASHION designer Gina Alexander got her break when celebrities, eager to see their own faces on their accessories, started buying the customized handbags she was selling from a mobile kiosk at a mall. With her husband Richard, Alexander started Gina Alexander Inc. out of their garage. Now they have a warehouse, showroom and office with 12 employees in Burbank. An adoptive parent, and an adoptee herself, 37-year-old Alexander donates 1 percent of the price of every bag to the agency that helped her adopt her daughter.
"I went to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in downtown right after high school and I was also working for different designers. It was really hard for me to find a job because the fashion industry took a big hit five or six years ago.
"In 2001, I saw Hollywood & Highland had these little kiosks selling things, and I said, 'I want to open a kiosk.'

"You had to present your designs to the vice president of TrizecHahn (then owner of Hollywood & Highland), like an audition. I was designing handbags. But I had no money, so I couldn't even make actual samples. I just had sketches. I quit my job at Starbucks and went for it. I borrowed from friends and relatives, and worked 10 hours a day. We were called Shangri La-Dee-Da. The rent was $4,000 a month, not including what I paid my employees.

"After about a year, I opened up another kiosk at the Grove and started doing the photo handbags. Now it's all we do. You send us a picture and we dye it directly on the fabric and sew it onto the bags by hand. People can order bags off our Web site, too. You choose the model you want, send us a photo, and we send the bag.

"Tori Spelling came with all her pictures to make cosmetic bags, a bunch for her and her friends, with group pictures. Elizabeth Taylor had a bag made with a collage of pictures, with her and Rosie O'Donnell. Sharon Stone did like six of them. We made a bag for Oprah, too. Now we're in 42 stores. During a two-week promotion this month, Nordstrom's sold 4,000 of our bags. We're hiring people pretty much every day.
"A portion of the price of every bag, 1 percent, is donated to Hope for Children, the agency that helped us get our baby girl. I do about one bag a month with a picture of my daughter. She's 19 months old."



Making It

It's on the bag

Making It! - KTLA

Adamant about owning her own business, Gina Alexander took her love of photography and turned it into a stylish business. Using the lessons she learned from her failed printing business, Gina started GINA ALEXANDER, INC., selling printed photos on handbags. Like many other entrepreneurs, Gina's business started out of her home using start-up money from her sister and friends. Financing was always a struggle but she and her husband suffered a personal struggle affecting their family. Today, the business continues to grow. The company has 200 accounts including, Nordstrom, Saks, Inc. and Gina is looking to open 300 more accounts and to do $5 million dollars in sales for 2004.




Pictures on a Purse

Gina Alexander introduces customized handbags with your photo on them.

Here’s a great option for a Mother’s Day gift that’s as unique and specialized as you can get: A new service from handbag designer Gina Alexander offers the opportunity to put family photos right on the outside of a bag for mom. These are not cheap canvas or plastic bags but, rather, high-quality bags that come in a variety of styles—handbag, tote/diaper bags and even cosmetic cases.

If you’ve got good-quality photos of the kids, the dog, your family or whatever mom might like on her bag, all you need do is log onto to order a bag. They range in price from $65 to $180 and take 3-4 weeks to deliver (for this Mother’s Day, you may want to send the card with promise of a belated gift to come!).

In addition to making bags, Gina Alexander donates a percentage of every bag sold to Hope For Children, a nonprofit child-placement agency that handles international and domestic adoptions.



Tot Trends

Lux Photo Purse

Tots Trend Weekly Magazine

Our pursuit for fabulous personalized gifts led us, ironically, to a purse…and thank goodness it did! Gina Alexander designer photo handbags are gorgeous tributes to the angel (or angels!) in your life. Choose your favorite photo, a purse style (Gina Alexander offers everything from cosmetic bags to oversized handbags), and place your order. Professionally designed, each bag is handmade from scratch in Hollywood, California and will arrive at your door in 4-6 weeks. Be sure to clutch onto this personalized gift!

1. Every since we were introduced to John Derian, vis-a-via the fabulous people at Lulu Guinness, we can’t stop raving about his decoupage. This Red Seaweed motif serving platter is a perfect accent to the kitchen or dining room table. ($106) 2. Make it personal for your mother with a Gina Alexander customized cosmetics case. Because you know she always wished you could stay 2-years-old forever. ($75) 3. Barielle Deluxe Hand & Body Lotion includes anti-oxidants like Green Tea, as well as Marine Collagen which helps camouflage fine lines. Because you know she always wished she could stay 22-years-old forever. ($22) 4. Inspired by 1930’s Hollywood classic glamour, this must-have gloClassic Holiday Glam Kit from gloMinerals gives a modern twist to classic beauty. Mom will certainly be ready for her close up. ($65; to find a retailer near them is 1-888-496-8007) 5. Jerry Terrence’s Jacqueline has a fabulous vintage silhouette that is covered in black/white giraffe pony hair texture. Mom will never forget this gift and she’ll enjoy it for years to come. ($495; BUY NOW)



New York Daily News

New York Daily News - 
20 groovy gift sites


The Internet is your threshold to a global shopping mall, open 24/7 and without the pushy sales staff or crazed holiday shoppers. So there's no excuse to give the same old boring seasonal gifts this year.
Sure, it doesn't compare to shopping in midtown, ears ringing to the pan-piped version of "Jingle Bells," but scouring zillions of sites to buy something special for that special someone can also be a recipe for stress.
Well, chill out. We've done the hard work so you don't have to - selecting 20 groovy Web sites where you're guaranteed to find quirky presents that'll keep your loved ones smiling well into the new year.

From personalized Pop Art to the cutest baby play suits, there's something for everyone. Time to get clicking!




Sweet Oscar Swag

by TMZ Staff

Filed under: Fashion Police

With Oscar night just around the corner, there's only one other thing on the minds of nominees -- the swanky swag they're gonna nab on awards night! Win or lose, the evening will be sweetened by a plush one of a kind leather duffel bag from designer Gina Alexander.

GA Bag

Alexander, famous for putting the stars' faces on the bags they carry, was commisioned to create the swanky bag for the nominees -- and it's emblazoned with images from the most memorable movies of the year.
The sack retails for a colossal $2500! Whatever the Oscar outcome, this is still a nice prize.


The Network

A Photo Handbag Rocks!

A Photo Handbag Rocks!

By Mario Churchill

First things first, a photo handbag is a bag that has your favorite picture on it. Currently, there are a lot of companies which offer photo handbags and which you get to ultimately design your very own picture perfect photo.

One such provider of cool photo handbags is Gina Alexander. She has outlined three easy steps to be able to order and have your own photo handbag. The first ever step in order to order your very own designer photo handbag at Gina Alexander is the selection of your favorite photo.

So far, this has been considered by some as the process that is quite difficult. It all depends on the shape of your photo handbag. The picture you have chosen will eventually be pasted and featured on each side of your photo handbag as well as the lid top.

However, if you still cannot choose between two photos of your liking, you could actually choose both with one photo on one side and the second photo on the other side of the photo handbag! An additional fifty dollars is all it takes for the second picture to be placed on your very own customized photo handbag.

The next step is in the selection of the shape of the bag. Whatever shape you get to choose, it is always an amazing way to turn your photos to a sentimental expression as well as your own cool and unique fashion statement.

The final step is in placing your order. Believe it or not, you could actually place your photo handbag order through the internet with your chosen photo scanned or sent in digital form. You could also snail mail your picture and send it to the customer service department of the Gina Alexander collection.

Why photo handbags?
Believe it or not, this is a very uncommon and therefore extremely original gift that couples in their wedding anniversaries would go for. A photo handbag is also a great gift idea for those new mothers who have their babies. Imagine giving them a bag that has the picture of their beautiful baby’s faces on it. It simply melts the heart.

A photo handbag is also a convenient way to make your gift truly special. Giving a photo handbag signifies your thoughtfulness and sensitivity to actually making your gift special instead of simply buying something off the shelf.

Photo handbags are something that most people value and appreciate for a long time. It is a reminder of the moments and faces of people that are deemed special.

A photo handbag is something that a woman - most especially - will get to use most of the time each day. It is also a subtle statement – both fashion-wise and relationship-wise – which allows her to flaunt either her relationship with a significant other (that is if the photo handbag is of her and her beloved partner) or a picture of her child.

Single people would also enjoy a photo handbag. They could have a picture of their dog, friends or themselves on it.

All in all, the possibilities are limitless. A photo handbag could be enjoyed by children and adults alike, particularly women and children. Your own imagination is the only limit you could put upon yourself as a hindrance to truly enjoying your very own photo handbag.