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Over the years the stigma of buying something overseas has slowly disappeared. Most of us have accepted the fact that most manufacturing of American  apparel and accessories has moved to foreign countries like China, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Mexico and the list goes on. The fact is that these American companies can make a quality product at a lower cost and pass that savings on the to consumer and still make a good profit. To confirm this all you have to do is to go into any Nordstrom, Macys’, Walmart, Target, JC Penny and a look at the tag to see where the purse has been manufactured. It will astonish you how many of the goods we buy are from overseas. Yet again, we don’t mind as long as the quality is there. The stigma used to be that if it was made in China it was cheap, but today those countries like China have become very good over the years through their skilled labor force and technological advancements in manufacturing equipment to produce high quality product at a acceptably low cost. I could go on for ever on this topic so to save you from falling asleep I’ll stop here a I think you get my point.

In the industry of personalization, especially Photo Handbags, manufacturing overseas becomes a challenge and this is why. The product has to have the personalized photos added to the products so the process of mass production to get the lower cost changes because you are customizing each piece. So what a lot of Companies have done is find products that have been mass produced overseas (pre made) and finish them here in the US by adding last step (adding your photo) to the process to finish the bag. The result is a Photo Purse the looks cheap feels cheap, unclear image and the bottom line is not what you imaged when you first desired a quality handbag. This where the saying “You get what you pay for” comes in.

If you are looking for a photo handbag that you can get quickly at a low price then by all means there are plenty of companies that use this method and give you that quality of product. But if you are looking for High Quality, Fashion Forward, Long Lasting, Photo Hand bag then you have come to the right place.

We here at Gina Alexander sew our bags one at a time right here in the United States. Our team of highly skilled sewers have spent decades honing their craft to bring you the best in handbag craftsmanship. Most of our production team have started in either horse saddles or shoes manufacturing to get specific skills of handling and manipulating all kinds of leather. The sewers bring that knowledge and skill to each step of the process to create the best in leather and canvas handbags. The parts of each bag is made one at a time by hand and carefully crafted together to give you a long lasting, beautifully crafted bag. In fact we don’t start the bag until the image is created on the fabric.

Just a note a bout our photo image process. Though it is a well kept secret, we here at Gina Alexander have spent years perfecting the reproduction of image to fabric to bring you the highest quality image transfer to fabric available.  This is why thousands of professional photographers from around the world have come to us to meet their clients personalization needs. Talk about attention to detail, we have had to endure must scrutiny by those critical photographers to make sure that the skin tones and hues are perfect.

Time and time again our customers come back to order a bag and say that their other bag just gave out on them after heavy use of over 10 years. I don’t know anyone who still has a designer bag that has used it day after day for 10 years. Thats what makes our bags so unique it’s stands the time of use, wear and tear and a fashionable look and feel still relevant today. I take pride and go to great lengths all over the world to research and find the best leather, trimmings and hardware that makes up each of our products that will last and last. So when you are shopping for your next photo hand bag please take this information into consideration. Take some time a find out where and how your bag is being made to insure your one of a kind photo is being made into a one of a kind photo handbag that you imagined.







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